Compliance Testing

Environmental Compliance with governmental regulations, whether on a federal or local level, is critical to the sustainability of your business daily. With penalties for non-compliance climbing on a regular basis, taking chances with regulatory testing and record keeping can be costly. Jones Covey Group’s personnel have many years of experience in environmental testing. This means that we understand the importance of keeping your petroleum equipment in compliance with federal, state and local law. Jones Covey Group, Inc. has the solutions needed to keep you in compliance.

We test and service all aspects of the petroleum industry, Truck Stops, Rent-A-Car centers, Retail and commercial Facilities, Emergency Generators, Rental Yards to name a few.

Jones Covey Group, Inc. Testing Services Include:

  • Monitoring system repair and certification
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Certified Operator Programs
  • Designated operator monthly inspections
  • Annual Monitoring Certifications
  • SB-989 Secondary Containment Testing
  • Precision Product Line Testing
  • Mechanical and Electronic Leak Detection
  • Vapor Recovery Testing
  • Spill Box Testing
  • Helium Pin-Point Testing
  • Permitting & Agency Coordination
  • Document tracking
  • Inspection date tracking
  • Inspection Pre-Notification
  • Phase I and II Site Investigations

As part of our services our document tracking system is always up to date for your record keeping requirements. Please contact us to see how we can assist you on keeping your testing and records in line with regulatory requirements.